Christian Ubertini



Documentation of 20th century modern architecture in Haiti


DocArchiMo Haiti is an educational and scientific project, documenting the modern architecture of the 20th century in Haiti. It is carried out by students within the framework of courses on the history of modern architecture and introduction to heritage, given jointly at the State University of Haiti (Master URBATeR) and the University of Quisqueya (FSGA).

The aim of these courses is to develop the ability to read 20th cent. modern architecture and to make students aware of the preservation and promotion of this heritage, which is still little known and little documented in Haiti. The project is placed under the pedagogical responsibility of teachers Christian Ubertini (UEH/URBATeR) and Karine Jadotte-Bouchereau (FSGA/UNIQ) who work in consultation with a scientific committee composed of architects, engineers and historians interested in the theme.

DocArchiMo Haiti is also a participatory project, which functions as a platform to collect and share information related to the theme of modern architecture in Haiti. We are aware that the success of the project will depend above all on the possibility of accessing mostly private sources of information. In particular, the owners of houses built during the period concerned between 1920 and 1990, the community of engineers and architects, the families of the older generation of architects and engineers, sociologists and historians, etc. To do so, we invite all those concerned and willing to contribute to this project to contact us.

DocArchiMo Haiti is still a project at the draft stage. It is intended to be evolutionary and open to criticism. We will publish here the inventory sheets and the research carried out by the students, as well as articles related to this history of modern architecture in Haiti which is still to be written.


The information included in the files, dates, names of architects, etc. was gathered during the interviews and may be subject to correction. The descriptions are the students' personal interpretations and the fruit of their research work. Persons wishing to clarify this information are encouraged to contact us.

We have also tried to acknowledge the credits for the photos in accordance with legal requirements. Rights holders, whom we could not find despite our research, are kindly requested to make themselves known.


L'architecture moderne du XXe siècle en Haïti
Ubertini, Christian. URBATeR, Université d'Êtat d'Haïti, septembre 2020

DocArchiMo : Un regard sur l'architecture moderne du XXe siècle en Haïti
Ubertini, Christian. Site internet du Nouvelliste Haïti. Publié le 24.11.2020

Présentation DocArchiMo Haïti
Risque Sismique et Urbanisme Résilient. Journée scientifique oragnisée par UEH-URBATeR. Hôtel Marriot, Port-au-Prince. 14 décembre 2020


Structure paraboloïde en voiles de béton mince
Léogane, Ouest
Anonyme, années 60


L'ancienne clinique du Dr. Audain
Port-au-Prince, Ouest
Anonyme, 1898


Le Collège Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours
Le Cap-Haïtien, Nord
Yamack Roude, 1968


La marine haitienne à Bizoton
Carrefour, Ouest
Anonyme, années 30


L'ancienne Banque Nationale de Paris
Port-au-Prince, Ouest
Eddy Labrouste, 1970


La maison Jarre de Canapé-Vert
Port-au-Prince, Ouest
Albert Mangonès, années 60


La Villa Elisa
Pétion-Ville, Ouest
Anonyme, années 30


Le musée d'Art-Haitïen
Port-au-Prince, Ouest
Albert Mangonès, 1971


Les structures de béton de Duvalier-Ville
Cabaret, Ouest
Alix Cinéas, Roger Malbranche, Pierre Petit, 1961-65


Couverture du TNH en voiles de textile tendues
Por-au-Prince, Ouest
Anonyme, années 80


Le bâtiment de la XEOS
Delmas, Ouest
TECINA S.A., années 80