Christian Ubertini


Project: THE SCHOOL AND EFACAP OF CHALON (in progress)
Place / year: Miragoane, Haïti / 2013-2014
Organisation: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Function: Head of the school infrsastructure program (2009-2013)
Collaborators: R. Mompoint, J.-R. Lafontant, D. Léonard, O. Ruefenacht, P. Louis, P. Hilty
  F. Poffet, S. Daniel, N. Pierre

















The EFACAP of Chalon in the locality of Miragoane is, with the school of Berquin, the first school designed and built according to the new “school models” elaborated by the SDC together with the Ministry of Education (MENFP) and institutional partners evolving in the sector. The buildings follow the new norms and regulations established by the Haitian government after the earthquake aiming to ensure safe and comfortable learning spaces. This school is a so called "EFACAP", combining a full levels primary school (9 classrooms, 2 kindergarten, administration, library and computer room, kitchen and refectory), with a teacher training centre (2 classrooms, conference hall and dormitory) for the training of nearly 200 teachers of 20 other surrounding associated schools. The school compound is arranged around a nice park shadowed by mango trees. The particular setting of the plot and the design of the buildings, light and ventilated, offer a privileged teaching and learning environment.

This school is part of "the Programme d’Appui à la Reconstruction des Infrastructures Scolaires (PARIS)", financed and implemented by the Swiss development and cooperation agency (SDC) in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MENFP). The program aims to respond to the reconstruction needs after the earthquake of 12 January 2010, and to seek long-term structural effects for the sector, by elaborating and promoting new standards for Education facilities. Thus, beside the construction of nearly 15 new public schools and teacher training centres, the PARIS provided an important technical support to the MENFP and partners to elaborate earthquake and cyclone resilient school models, adapted to the various local contexts.

Technical data:
Full cycles elemetary school with a teacher training center (EFACAP)
840 children (simple shift)
200 teachers (on training)
2000 m2 of new construction
Period: May 2013 to December 2014
Cost: USD 1'500’000

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